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About this miningpool

This miningpool is a project of dedication and passion for numbers and data. I was diagnosed with PDD NOS 2 years ago at a late age, hence this miningpool to provide an excellent distraction for myself and an opportunity for miners to find a place with an active and dedicated pool operator with over 25 years of experience in IT. Please do understand that all funding to operate the serverhardware, pay the utility bill and operate and maintain the pool is coming out of my own pocket, so any donations are more than welcome and will be used to upgrade the server and extend and improve the pool.

Donation address BTC: 1BDGopZZjVuUFt4LW279rUZdr7wAVsaGiD

Donation address LTC: LRSAkD1gs4uDXNS34H7MYZ1GawVEkarttD

Contact me

To contact me please use the contactform on one of the pools or PM me on Twitter or Discord

Discord CoincaveNL#5457